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Games Need To Stop Being Afraid Of The Word 'Transgender' - TheGamer

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Florida to ban gender-affirming care under Medicaid for transgender recipients - ABC News

Florida will soon bar transgender residents from using Medicaid to pay for gender-affirming care, ac ...View More

Is the Tide Turning on the Transgender Debate? - National Review

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Ban on transgender women playing women’s rugby ‘absurd’, activists claim - The Guardian

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Transgender youth, families: Alabama ban on transgender medicine violates parental rights - Montgomery Advertiser

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Pope Francis meets transgender guests of Rome church - The Journal

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Longtime ESPN reporter M.A. Voepel comes out as transgender - CBS News

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Governor Hochul Signs Legislation Aimed at Addressing Economic Inequities Facing Transgender New Yorkers -

Governor Hochul today signed legislation (S.5933-A/A.8133) that will direct the Department of Labor  ...View More

Life Insurance For Transgender People - Forbes

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'Transgender a misnomer' – The Journal - The Journal

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