Boris Johnson congratulates LGB Alliance on its “incredible hard work” - Gay Times Magazine

Boris Johnson allegedly sent a letter to anti-trans pressure group, the LGB Alliance, congratulating ...View More

Germany: Include Trans People in Coalition Agreement - Human Rights Watch

Germany’s political parties negotiating coalition agreements to create a new government should make  ...View More

Netflix Isn’t Brave, and That’s Fine - The Wall Street Journal

Public companies are not in the business of self-sacrificial gestures for ...View More

Netflix Beats Estimates In Third Quarter, Reaching 214 Million Subscribers - Deadline

Netflix beat forecasts for subscriber growth — its own as well as Wall Street’s — in the third quart ...View More

More Than Chromosomes: The Genetic Cause Of Transgender Identity. A Sincerely Held Religion Like Belief - Science 2.0

Multiple studies have shown that to be transgender is not simply a matter of choice, or a sense of i ...View More

PFLAG has new chapter, new president in Edwardsville - The Edwardsville Intelligencer

EDWARDSVILLE — Sometimes when things go stagnant, it’s better to stop, pick up and move to a new loc ...View More

Isabel Sandoval Calls for Layered and Complex Trans Characters in Film and TV – BFI London Film Festival - Variety

Actor, writer, director and trans icon Isabel Sandoval wants trans characters in film and TV to be l ...View More

Trans community blasts 'bullies trying to silence' feminist lecturer - Daily Mail

Trans community blasts 'bullies trying to silence' feminist lecturer: Academic accused of transphobi ...View More

100% Women Reservation In Govt House Allotment Scheme Unconstitutional; Discriminates Against Men &... - Live Law - Indian Legal News

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has held that the Government housing scheme which allot house sites ex ...View More

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