Trailblazing trans woman becomes first in Uganda to get ID card in her correct gender

Cleopatra Kambugu, a trailblazing trans activist and writer, makes history as the first transgender  ...View More

Fired trans Netflix employee says Dave Chappelle controversy is just the tip of the iceberg

Netflix employees and supporters gathered at a protest outside Netflix. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times ...View More

Teaching about trans people is a ‘crime against humanity’, says war criminal Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin attacked LGBT+ people as well as Western liberalism in a recent speech. (Getty) Russ ...View More

Trans woman forced to flee Malaysia was ‘pinned down and sexually assaulted’ by officials

Nur Sajat claimed in an interview with the New York Times that she was sexually assaulted by Malaysi ...View More

South Korean military refuses to drop case against tragic trans soldier

South Korea's military will appeal a court ruling that struck down its decision to discharge the cou ...View More

Victims of transphobic hate explain the simple, bare-faced reason they don’t report to police

A police officer next to a banner reading 'All cops are bastards period!' at a Black Trans Lives Mat ...View More

Margaret Atwood sparks anger and disappointment with ‘why can’t we say woman’ tweet

Canadian poet Margaret Atwood. (Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images) Acclaimed author Margaret Atwood ign ...View More

Gender-neutral pronouns are a feminist icon that help boost women and LGBT+ people, says science

Using gender-neutral pronouns makes people more positive towards women and LGBT+ people and less bia ...View More

BBC slammed for failing LGBT+ people – especially trans lives – in damning open letter

The BBC headquarters. (Peter Macdiarmid/Getty) The BBC has been accused of key failures in its cove ...View More

Pandemic hero Dr Rachel Levine makes history once again as first trans four-star admiral

Dr Rachel Levine is the nation's first transgender four-star officer when she was sworn in as an adm ...View More

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