March 22, 2020  

The LGTBI Persecuted | Future Planet - Crypto Dictation

“We do not exist before the laws but we are. We do not exist for society but nevertheless society u ...View More

I'm not confused about my gender, so why are others? -

Unsplash/Tim MossholderMisperceptions about what genitals can look like can undermine confidence in  ...View More

Argentina makes history with first-ever transgender news anchor on prime time’s Televisión Pública

Diana Zurco made her debut on Televisión Pública in Argentina on Monday (YouTube/Televisión Pública  ...View More

Trans woman cites rape and abuse in men’s prison. So she’s suing the US government

Tavoy Malcom, charged with conning several elderly women of their savings, is suing the federal fede ...View More

Marginalised groups are even more vulnerable during coronavirus. Here’s 11 ways you can help trans people during the pandemic

A trans flag is waved at a protest against the Trump administration's attacks on the LGBT+ community ...View More

'I'm not GAY!' Shocking Image of Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ as Transsexual Forces the Actor to Respond! - Al Bawaba

Turkish actor Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is facing "a campaign of abuse" as described by his fans.  T ...View More

Transgender woman jailed for killing friend over cheap liquor - Pattaya Mail

Satien Thammathong is brought back to the scene to reenact the crime. A drunk transgender woman  ...View More